Lady Ascott

Автор: Rebekka Omtzigt
Размер: 3,5″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Медведи

Lady Ascott

Lady Ascott just came from the horse racings. She is too much of a lady to bet, but she loves horses.

She is approximately 9.5 cm / 3.74 inch tall.

She is made from a beautiful brown mini-bear fabric. Her ears and paws are from cotton fabric. She wears a beautiful cotton dress with lace and pearl beads and a knitted vest, also with pearls. On her head she wears a knitted hat.

Her eyes are hand-blown glass eyes.

She is fully jointed and has a nice weight.

With Lady Ascott, who has brothers and sisters all over the world, you'll have a truly unique bear!

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